metamorphant is a consulting company based in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg, Germany. The company was founded in 2018. Our senior team members have been active in technology and business-consulting for the past decade. We have worked in various sectors ranging from automotive, health care and logistics to public administration and finance.

Our mission

We provide value instead of software

While software ate the world, we lost our focus on value generation. All too often new software is created and introduced for no meaningful reason, other than to have built something new. We aim to improve the understanding between business- and IT-teams, and enable both sides to make fact-oriented decisions. To this goal we provide strategies and tools for evolving to the next level of scalable IT-backed service and product delivery.

Our values


We are fair and honest in collaborating with our employees, partners, customers and competitors


Our passion burns for learning, knowledge, and excellent craftsmanship


Our decisions and recommendations are based on facts instead of gut instincts

Collective spirit

We believe in the power of teams and shared knowledge


We embrace novel ideas and different ways of thinking

Up to date

We are fearless of adopting new technologies, concepts, and domains


We do not engage in exclusive contracts with partners or vendors


We live transparency both within our company and with our customers

Our team

Our Team is characterized by its seniority and many years of experience in the fields of software development and operations within enterprise environments. With our wide-ranging domain knowledge, we accompany both IT and business teams to empower their business.


Do Minh Chau Le
Working Student

… After several months of work, I can say this is a decision I would never regret. As a working student, I am taken care of and given consideration as any other members, despite me not being able yet to blend completely into the German culture or join discussions in German. My colleagues always facilitate me on the process by communicating with me in English, as much as they can. What is also great is that I am given all the tools and expertise support to carry out my tasks. Though I have to work independently most of the time, I am never alone to cope with issues. Furthermore, my opinions matter here and I am more than welcome each time to raise a proposal of which tasks I would like to take over, and which I may not be suitable for. Working for a big corporation in the past, and even one start-up back in the time I was in South Korea, make me understand that this is not casual or easy-to-have…  Read More

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