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as an independent consulting company, metamorphant offers various services around different IT-tools and methods, based on our longtime experience. Our operational area is mainly located in Bavaria, upper Baden-Wuerttemberg and also in other major European cities and their hinterland. Have a look at a selection of our products below.


Professional firefighting

We support our customers in their everyday businesses by offering a professional firefighting service. Our consultants are specialized in finding software issues and enabling the customers’ teams to quickly resolve their problems. Our proposition is a fixed price solution within a scheduled working day or, in case of failure, a guaranteed resignation from the contract.


Our classical consulting offer allows customers to employ our expertise in their projects. This time-and-material based offer couples the empowerment of internal teams with a maximum level of flexibility. Our core mission within any project is to provide early success and enable our customers’ employees to create further value.

Trainings and workshops

Our training and workshop offers enable our customers to master the first steps within a new technology, methodology or solution. Our programs are evolved as a minimum whole day engagement, were we train the customers’ employees using real life scenarios, while also making sure the participants get plenty of hands-on experience. Our workshops help the customers to develop strategies on how to implement new technologies or solutions.

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Our review offer helps customers to improve their quality, maintainability and the understanding of their infrastructure. We do reviews on code, architecture and the configuration of selected solutions. These time-and-material based reviews are followed by concrete guidance or further consulting for solving located issues.

Legacy Evolution

Our Legacy Evolution offer is aimed at businesses that need professional consulting in dealing with their legacy IT systems. It is irrelevant if important know-how got lost over time or if the customer simply lacks the necessary capacity.

Evolving a legacy system requires new approaches to operations, software development and testing. Our consultants specialize in reviews of legacy software and architechtures, as well as in the integration of new software with legacy applications. We guide our customers through these changes and lead them into the future using an incremental, iterative approach.

Our Toolbox

Get an overview which solutions, technologies and methods do we use

Solution and technology overview

  • Business Intelligence (Jaspersoft Studio, Jaspersoft Server, Mondrian OLAP, Pentaho)
  • Collaboration (Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Trello)
  • Databases (Hadoop, HBase, Infobright, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Data Mining (RapidMiner)
  • DevOps (Bamboo, Git, Jenkins, Jira Ops, Mercurial, Subversion)
  • ESB (Mule ESB, Talend ESB)
  • ETL (Pentaho DI, Talend DI)
  • Frameworks (JEE, Spring)
  • Infrastructure (Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox)
  • ITSM (Jira Service Desk)
  • Monitoring
  • Testing (Spock, JUnit, JBehave)


  • Agile project management (Kanban, Scrum)
  • Behavior Driven Design
  • Business Acceptance Testing
  • Business-as-Code
  • Domain Driven Design
  • ITIL
  • Lean IT
  • Lean Startup

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